About CureMyWife.com

What is CureMyWife.com all about?

CureMyWife.com began way back in the year 2000 as a labour of love between a man and his chronically sick wife. I started this site because my wife, Anita, had been diagnosed with an assortment of chronic and painful health issues that affected us greatly every day. I initially started the site as a plea for help of support for wives, husbands and families but, after a lot of searching, found that nothing really existed for support for women suffering from chronic illness and pain.

To this day, CureMyWife.com has been through a number of changes and incarnations of its original look. Through it all, however, this labour of love has remained true to its purpose – a Christian support for women with chronic illness and pain. I will be adding things to this blog from around the internet that I think appropriate and suitable for support for women from a Christian perspective. I’ll also write some articles that are true to my heart and my perspective on what we’ve experienced along our journey.

I trust you’ll find this site useful and perhaps even find something here that can really help you out in some way – physically, emotionally or spiritually. Please keep in mind that I am in no way a doctor nor do I recommend any single ‘cure all’ for anything (NOTE: please read the disclaimer here). I will only support and promote ideas, thoughts, resources and products that I find to be useful and appropriate. They are not to be taken as any medical advice, but rather simple guidelines or suggestions for you to come to your own conclusion about.

If you would like to make suggestions, offer help or let us know if there is something you’d like us to add to this site, please feel free to email me directly at by connecting to this form. I would love to talk or email you and see if there is anything that can be done to help you or others out in dealing with chronic illness and pain issues.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I appreciate your support. Let me know if you see anything here you find helpful and even suggest something you think other may benefit from. Like I said, the purpose of this site is to become a community and resource for all of us.


Jim Bugg