Jesus Knows When You Feel Like You’ve Had Enough

What is your story about your faith and chronic illness?

Living with any type of chronic illness, whether lupus, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome or chronic pain, is a challenge. It’s not only a challenge in the obvious physical ways where you simply can’t do what you want to do, but it also challenges your mind. You brain and soul are telling you to press forward, move through the pain and be strong – you can tackle this.

Your body, however, is telling you something different.

When you’re flat in bed, crying in pain and feel that you’re unable to face another day… Jesus knows.

When you’re trying to wash your hair and are unable to lift your arms from the pain… Jesus knows.

When you wish beyond all wishes to go for a coffee with a friend but your body is exhausted… Jesus knows.

When you want to try to cook that fantastic looking meal you saw on Pinterest but you’re already defeated because it will mean you’ll be on your feet for more than an hour… Jesus knows.

When you don’t know how tomorrow will be any better than today… Jesus knows.

faith and chronic illnessWhen you want to take the old newspapers out to the garbage but you can’t fathom bending over to put on your shoes… Jesus knows.

When your children want you to see them in their school Christmas play and it takes all the strength you have to go… Jesus knows.

When you’ve given all you can and you wish you could give more… Jesus knows.

When you walk through the mall at Christmas and see all the happy people smiling and laughing and wish you could, too… Jesus knows.

When your world is crashing around you and you simply want to sit in a corner and sob… Jesus knows.

When you want to be more to your family and are crippled with guilt that you can’t be more than you are… Jesus knows.

This holiday season, wherever you are in your journey with chronic illness and pain, take comfort that you’re not alone and that Jesus knows. One of my favourite songs of faith is ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’ and it takes me to my knees every time I sing it. How can a God of such majesty and importance think that I, with all my health issues, be worth everything? Well, if He has his eye on a little bird, can you imagine how much more important you are to him.

What is your story about faith and chronic illness? When you’re thankful and feel blessed for what you have and are but wish you could do and be more… Jesus knows. He’s all about grace, hope, love, faith and strength. Be blessed.

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