What is coccydynia?

Have you ever had horrible pain in your tailbone that doesn’t seem to go away? You may have coccydynia.

So, what is coccydynia? Pain in the area of the coccyx (tailbone) is called coccydynia or coccygodynia (or sometimes a variety of other spellings). Coccydynia can be anything from discomfort to acute pain, and it varies between people and varies with time in any individual. The name describes a pattern of symptoms (pain brought on or aggravated by sitting), so it is really a collection of conditions which can have different causes and need different treatments. Having said all of that – it’s painful.

Coccydynia can be felt after falls on the tailbone, childbirth, repetitive strain on the area or surgery. In some cases the cause is unknown and the sufferer is left to try to figure out how the tailbone pain started. The pain can disappear by itself or with treatment, or it can continue for years, and may get worse. It is five times more common in women than men, probably because the female pelvis leaves the coccyx more exposed. It appears that in most cases the pain is caused by an unstable coccyx, which causes chronic inflammation.

Medical trials have shown that coccydynia can be cured eventually in the great majority of cases, given the right treatment. However, finding a doctor who can do a proper diagnosis of the condition and supply effective treatments is difficult, and many people suffer years of pain.

CureMyWife.com has a sister site dedicated specifically for this condition and for the potential of the surgical removal of the coccyx – a coccygectomy. For more information on the coccyx or if you’re considering having a coccygectomy, please visit Coccygectomy.org

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