How to decide if you want a Coccygectomy

Getting a coccygectomy is a big decision. Here are a few helpful tips to help you decide.

Are you considering having your coccyx removed – a coccygectomy? If so, there are several things you should know beforehand. Here are some of  the following pros, cons, and personal experiences to assist you in making your decision. Please remember, however, that this is your personal decision and only you know the pain threshold you can handle.


Step 1

CON: There is a reason for a coccyx. The tailbone acts as a shock absorbent and protects your sacrum.
PRO: The bones above your coccyx do not get aggravated unless you are slouching, or land hard on the ground.

Step 2

CON: There is the possibility of nerves being damaged when the tailbone is removed.

Step 3

CON: Their is the possibility of infection at the surgical site. This is because of the site’s closeness to the anus and colon.

PRO: With careful attention to your actions and wound, this can be prevented.Step 4

CON: There have been complaints of individuals having a perineal hernia or coccygeal hernia resulting from the surgery.
PRO: Very few individuals suffer from either of these.

Step 5

CON: Another complication individuals experience is long-lasting pain at the surgical site.
PRO: Most individuals who complain of this say that it goes away within 1 year from the date of the coccygectomy.

Step 6

CON: Some individuals fail to feel any relieve from the pain they experienced prior to the coccygectomy.
PRO: If properly diagnosed by an experienced doctor, the chances of success increase.

Are you considering getting a coccygectomy? Our sister site,, has many other helpful tips and more information on the process and what to expect.

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