Top 3 Fibromyalgia Exercise Tips

These fibromyalgia exercise tips are sure to push your limits but also help you in the long run


So, you have fibromyalgia and, coupled with the pain, you feel that you’ll never get into shape again. You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that ’round is a shape’ and there is no point in trying to get back into any semblance of what and how you used to feel and be back when you were younger. In the event that you suffer from fibromyalgia, there is potential that you’ll benefit greatly from a mindfully constructed exercise program. Because those who suffer from fibromyalgia are often not in great shape to start with, it is very important to implement a strategic plan with your the exercise goals. Please find listed below some exercise ideas for fibromyalgia sufferers that can enable one to feel better, more energetic and increase one’s standard of healthy living.

When you have fibromyalgia, you might not feel like exercising – even a little bit. So, then, why do it? Part of implementing an exercise plan to cope with fibromyalgia and the pain is knowing why you want to do it. Exercise can reduce your body ache and strengthen the weak point of your muscles. Gentle endurance training, like strolling and cycling, may help you develop stronger stamina overall and increase your energy. Basically, exercise will increase your positive outlook and help you to really feel better overall. As long as you do it the proper way, exercise may be one of the most effective remedies for many who suffer with fibromyalgia.

Start Slowly

Because you have fibromyalgia, you must remember that you are not normally energetic and that your body has likely grown to be somewhat used to not moving around as much as it used to. Due to the decrease to your general fitness, you need to be sure to begin your exercises slowly. With that in mind, the best exercise suggestions for fibromyalgia sufferers is to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts and exercise and then work up to more intensity and longer sessions. Useful workout routines for those with fibromyalgia include low impact workout routines, walking, strolling and anything that may be designed for these with arthritis. Water exercise classes are an excellent example of a low impact exercise for those with fibromyalgia.

fibromyalgia-exercise-tipsAlways Stretch First

No matter what exercise you choose that will help you along with your fibromyalgia, it’s always important to stretch first. This is not an option. Your muscles need to ease into activity and not explode into any sort of exercise without a proper warm-up first. I would suggest that stretching before exercise would be even more important for those suffering from fibromyalgia than those who don’t. Stretching helps your body heat up slowly before your activity begins. Moreover, it’s its own kind of exercise and will improve your overall blood flow. With stretching before you start your exercise you will also greatly reduce the chance of damaging your muscles and joints as you train.

Remember… Soreness is Okay

Another of the very important exercise tips for fibromyalgia sufferers is that one needs to expect some soreness. Listen to your body and be sure to don’t overdo things, however, whenever you begin a brand new exercise program be aware that you might feel some extra soreness. As you continue your program you will develop stamina and increase the strength in your muscles and the muscle soreness will possibly begin to subside. If the ache soreness gets worse or intensifies, this would be an indicator to reduce on the intensity of your exercise program. Additionally, talk to your physician or specialist before you start an exercise program to make sure that your fibromyalgia will not cause any complications. If they give you the okay, then you’ll be well along the way of feeling better and a healthier life.

These fibromyalgia exercise tips are simply suggestions to start you along the path to a more healthy, active and positive lifestyle. This article is not to be used as medical advice and you should always consult your physician before you start any sort of exercise program (please read our disclaimer). Do you have any other healthy exercise tips for others to benefit from? Why not leave a comment below?

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